Voordat je een nestje fokt met de Kerry Blue Terrier moet je voldoen aan bepaalde regels die de Raad van beheer stelt. (zie reglementen R.v.B.). Dat is nodig om het ras gezond en fok zuiver te houden.

De honden waarmee ik fok zijn HD-vrij en hebben een DNA profiel.


I am a small breeder who loves the Kerry  very  much.
Its health, temperament, character, coat (must be silky and wavy), and his charisma contribute to that.
The position of the tail must be a good one, I prefer that the Kerry's tail be held as straight as possible, which is not always possible.
I find the movement very important as well.
This all makes breeding dogs such a great challenge as you try to bring the best possible breeding product into this world.
I realize that what I want isn't always possible, but it's challenging to try.

My dogs are X-rayed for HD + DNA profile and bred according to the Raad van Beheer rules and guidelines.

For information you can always email me, I will gladly answer your questions.

Yolanthe Buurman


E-mail adres:



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