Nest / Litters E born 9 July  2017
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Teef/Female: Dutch Brand’s Davidson Lady Harley           X                                         Reu/Male: Katebel's Out of Control

                  1e Teef / Girl:    Dutch Brand’s Evolution

                  2e Reu / Boy:    Dutch Brand’s Eternity

                  3e Teef / Girl:    Dutch Brand’s Elegance

                  4e Reu / Boy:    Dutch Brand’s Earl Grey

                  5e Reu / Boy:    Dutch Brand’s Easy Rider

                  6e Teef / Girl:    Dutch Brand’s Eyecather

NEST / LITTER D   03-02-2014

Teef / Female: Dutch Brand's Catriona Zeta Jones              X                              Reu / Male: Dutch Brand’s Aonghus Ace


1e Teef / Girl:    Dutch Brand’s  Dynamic Duchess (BE)

2e Reu / Boy:    Dutch Brand’s Duel of the Game (DE)

3e Reu / Boy:    Dutch Brand’s Dark Blue Energy (NL)

4e Teef / Girl:    Dutch Brand’s  Davidson Lady Harley (NL)

5e Teef / Girl:    Dutch Brand’s  Down to Earth (Fr)

6e Teef / Girl:    Dutch Brand’s  Diamond (NL)

NEST / LITTER C  25-04-2012

Teef / Female: Penny’s Angie                                                     X                                         Reu / Male:  Typical Irish Keystone

                                                   1e Teef / Girl:   Dutch Brand’s Charisma Chevonne (FR)

                                                   2e Reu / Boy:    Dutch Brand’s Charming Clooney (NL)

                                                   3e Reu / Boy:    Dutch Brand’s Casanova Cian  (BE)          

                                                   4e Teef / Girl:   Dutch Brand’s Catriona Zeta Jones (NL)

NEST / LITTER B   03-07-2009

Teef / Female: Penny’s Angie                                                     X                              Reu / Male: Dutch Brand’s Aonghus Ace


1e Teef / Girl:    Dutch Brand’s Bébhinn (NL)

2e Reu / Boy:    Dutch Brand’s Breasal (NL)

NEST / LITTER  A 21-12-2005

Teef / Female: Killary Yahra v.'H Tweestromeland              X                                       Reu / Male: Celtic Spirit's Break Out


                                                              1e Teef / Girl:    Dutch Brand's Abiageal Eimear (NL)

                                                              2e Reu / Boy:     Dutch Brand's Adair Andor (NL)

                                                              3e Reu / Boy:     Dutch Brand's Aodhan Blue (NL)

                                                              4e Reu / Boy:     Dutch Brand's Arthgallo Murphy (NL)

                                                              5e Reu / Boy:     Dutch Brand's Amargein Chico (BE)

                                                             6e Reu / Boy:     Dutch Brand's Aonghus Ace (NL)

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